Christine Lagarde, the next ECB president, said that the trade war waged by US President Donald Trump with China had greatly affected global economic growth and might increase economic burdens.

"You can't adapt to the unknown, so what can you do?" Lagarde was quoted by Bloomberg News as saying in an interview on CBS's 60-minute program. You can increase reserves and savings, then wonder what next, but this is not appropriate for economic development.

In response to questions about whether the trade war could lead the global economy in the wrong direction, Lagarde said the trade war would certainly cause global economic growth to fall significantly.

If global growth declines by about 1 percent, it means less investment, fewer jobs, more unemployment and lower growth, so the trade war would, of course, have a detrimental effect, she said.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which Lagarde has taken over for eight years, lowered its forecast for global economic growth for 2019 last week, suggesting that the world's largest economies could be subject to a broad-based slowdown amid trade tensions.

The IMF expects the global economy to grow by 3% this year, down from 3.2% in July, while the 2020 forecast fell from 3.5% to 3.4%.