Danske Bank analysts note that at Wednesday's FOMC meeting, they expect the US Federal Reserve to remain on hold, especially in light of the recent upward review of payroll data.

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“The first ECB meeting of the European Central Bank is not expected to lead to policy changes, but it is likely that the European Central Bank will officially start reviewing the long-awaited strategy - although we may not have a deadline to complete it.”

"German politics and the staying of the grand coalition remain in flux, and investors should not be more enthusiastic than any major boost to German financial policy in the short term."

"The British elections will be issued on Thursday. If Boris Johnson has a strong majority, he must be able to obtain a Brexit deal before Christmas and the UK will leave the European Union by January 31."

"We may get the first stage of the deal in trade talks between the United States and China next week, as Trump is set to impose a 15% tariff on another $ 160 billion in goods from China."